Listen to the songs from “Take A Step Back”

Soon to be available on Nome Zone Records:

Take a Step Back album cover

Take a Step Back album cover

Purchase songs or the album at:




Take a Step BackTake-a-Step-Back.mp3Take a Step Back lyrics
Watch What You SayWatch-what-you-say.mp3Watch What You Say lyrics
A Different MaskA-different-mask.mp3A Different Mask lyrics
VegasLas-Vegas.mp3Vegas lyrics
Mystical LadyMystical-Lady.mp3Mystical Lady lyrics

Social MediaSocial-Media.mp3Social Media lyrics
Mr. GunMr-Gun.mp3Mr. Gun lyrics

Also available – Our 2014 release “I’m Lost”

… our 2011 release “Shout”

…and our classic 2010 release “Take The Risk“.

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